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We are the SEO and website creation professionals you can trust.
Earn generous referral fees while leaving your best customers, and contacts in safe hands.

Partner benefits

We love a win-win partnership, and we hope to build that with you. Here are the benefits you can get by partnering with us.

10% commissions

Our partners take home 10% of every sale we make through their referral. That’s 10% for one-time projects as well as 10% for projects with a monthly fee.

High closing rate

Our sales process is designed to qualify leads, and take them through a discovery process. For qualified leads, this means a closing rate higher than average in the industry.

Professional management

We treat all our clients with the highest respect. You can be assured that we will do our best to provide your referral with the highest level of service.


LWDigital is a Malaysia-based digital marketing agency. We specialise in search engine optimisation (SEO) and conversion-driven websites for clients in Malaysia and Singapore.

Integrity, transparency and high-performance are our core values.

Our SEO expertise

With over 6 years of SEO experience under our belt, we have the right skill set and experience to help businesses with

1. Site audits – helping businesses uncover areas on their website that are holding them back from ranking for the keywords they want

2. SEO strategy – helping businesses craft a plan of attack to outrank their competitors

We do this with processes that guarantee we don’t miss anything that could benefit them in SEO.

Our website creation expertise

With over 10 years of website experience under our belt, we have the right skill set and experience to help businesses with launching websites that do so much more than just showcase their products.

Our websites are

1. Lead and sales generation optimised – we make it a goal for us to design flows into a website so leads come in
2. Integrated – we make sure to integrate every website with analytics, CRM, email marketing and more, to ease lead management

Rest assured, a website from LWDigital can help any business achieve their goals.

Apply for our Partner Program

We welcome qualified individuals and agencies to join our partner program. If you’d like to partner with us, or find out more information about the program, get in touch.