148% Growth in Traffic for a Singapore-based Insurance Company after Technical Recovery and Content Marketing Implementation


Client is a major player in the insurance niche in Singapore, with products that cover all of Singaporeans’ needs. Search traffic accounted for between 20% – 30% of overall traffic to the site, an important source of revenue for the company. The goal was to lift the traffic to product pages directly and through content marketing efforts on the blog.

Site Background

The client joined with technical issues to their site and weak content. Traffic to the site had plateaued. Although content was created, the website saw little traffic. Rankings for flagship products had greatly dropped.

Site SEO Issues

Technical issues
Toxic backlinks
Keyword cannibalisation
On-site SEO

Action Steps

I started by running the client site through the technical audit tool Sitebulb. We were able to identify critical technical issues that were affecting the site’s search performance. I created a 20 pages set of documents detailing each item and the recommended fixes. I worked with the client to fix 404 pages to flagship product pages with no 301 redirects, thin content, missing or under optimised meta titles, and meta descriptions. 

I also did a manual review of links to the site using SEMrush backlink checker and identified a set of toxic links to the site from explicit sites and spam sites. I added them to a disavow file and submitted them to the client’s Google Search Console.

I then proceeded to conduct a comprehensive manual, page-by-page on-site review of the client’s product pages and blog articles. One of the biggest on-site issues I found on these pages was keyword cannibalisation. I fixed this for the client by working with them to remove or de-optimise pages that were competing for the same keywords and optimising the main target pages for the primary keywords. 

By fixing the technical and content issues affecting the site, we saw rankings for 30+ keywords for flagship products jump from page 2 onwards to the top 5, with a jump of 20% within the next 3 months.

When the primary issues were fixed, I worked with the client on the long-term strategy for the client focused on content targeted at increasing authority in the topical verticals client was interested to dominate.


Since fixing the technical and content issues, as well as building a long-term content strategy for the site, we’ve seen a 148% increase in search traffic to the site, and a two-fold increase in the number of Top 3 keywords ranked.

Disclaimer: Client anonymity is preserved in this case study.

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