Need the right visitors?

I can help.

I’m an SEO consultant who helps B2B and B2C businesses in Malaysia and Singapore get visitors who buy.

the consultant

Hi, I'm Lu Wee

For the last 8 years, I’ve consulted with startups, SMEs, enterprises and Fortune 500 companies in Malaysia and Singapore to help them identify gaps in their SEO strategy and launch their organic growth.

I’ve helped them get more traffic, increase brand awareness and most importantly, grow their business.

My approach to SEO is conversion first. To achieve this, I combine data analysis with behaviour observation to craft an SEO strategy that will bring the right visitors to your website, and help your business grow in authority.

my approach

The Conversion First SEO Framework

Most SEO strategies focus on getting as many visitors as possible to a website, usually without considering the quality of visitors that drop by.

On the surface, this is a well-intentioned goal. But when we dig deeper, we’ll find that focusing on this vanity metric is not enough to move key numbers that push your growth forward.

I fix this problem by using data and studying human behaviour to come up with a strategy that optimises for conversions and authority.