Traffic Reversed from Downtrend to Uptrend for Malaysia-based Personal Finance Website After Comprehensive SEO Audit


Client is a popular personal finance website to help youths and working adults in Malaysia make better financial decisions. The goal of this campaign was to conduct a thorough audit of the website to identify opportunities to boost traffic to the website, primarily its blog pages.

Site Background

The client joined with a history of down-trending search traffic for the last three years. Search traffic had dropped to 1/3rd of its historical peak.

Site SEO Issues

Technical issues
Keyword cannibalisation
On-site SEO

Action Steps

I started with a technical audit of the client site using the Sitebulb software. The audit tool picked up more than 50 issues that were affecting the website’s search performance. These included 4XX redirects, broken internal links, malformed href data and missing title tags.

I prepared a 30+ page technical audit report that included a set of recommendations and step-by-step instructions to guide the client on how to fix them.

The technical audit was complemented with a content audit conducted page-by-page, manually. Through this audit, I found that the two biggest on-site issues impacting the client’s search performance were dated content and gaps in topical coverage. Keyword cannibalisation was a secondary content issue impacting the site.

A 60+ page content audit report was prepared including a shortlist of the dated content to update first and the steps to do so, and a hand-picked list of keyword recommendations to close the topical gaps, and instructions on how to execute them as articles. 

Finally, I worked with the client to create a long-term strategy that had a balance of content updates, new content publishing and periodical search performance review. This strategy would help the client gain topical authority in the personal finance space in Malaysia and enable them to rank more easily for competitive keywords.


Once the technical and content issues identified in the SEO Audit were fixed, the client site saw an uplift of 22.18% in the following 3 months.


Following up on the client site after 1.5 years, we were able to find that search traffic to the client site has steadily increased since the SEO audit was completed and the recommendations applied:

When comparing the search performance pre-audit and 1.5 years post-audit, a 158.78% improvement in search performance could be observed.

Disclaimer: Client anonymity is preserved in this case study.

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